A salt caravan from the Oasis of Klima on the way…

“I had heard of the Salt Ubar, or the Guard of the Dunes. The location of his kasbah is secret. Probably, other than his own men, only some few hundred know of it, primarily merchants high in the salt trade, and few of them would know its exact location.”
(Tribesmen of Gor)

“Nominally a sheriff of the Tahari merchants, he, ensconced in his kasbah, first among fierce warriors, elusive and unscrupulous, possesses a stranglehold on the salt of the Tahari, the vital commerce being ruled and regulated as he wills. He holds within his territories the right of law and execution. In the dunes he is Ubar and the merchants bow their heads to him. The Guard of the Dunes is one of the most dreaded and powerful men in the Tahari.”
(Tribesmen of Gor)

Ruins of the old Kasbah near the Oasis of the Red Rock

Head of the council or merchants: Rarius Yuroki (Yuroki Uriza)
Merchant magistrate and perfumer: Sabina (tremlays)
Raschid Hassanein


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