The Guards of the Dunes are on alert

The residents of the Tahari oases are worried. So far all we had heard were rumors: bandits had found their way to the Exchange Point of the Oasis of Klima. There the caravans store the food for the oasis, and from there the salt caravans leave. Few know the way to get there, and the Salt Ubar and the Guards of the Dunes ensure it stays that way. Anyone who makes maps of the desert doesn’t live long.

So how did the bandits get to Exchange Point? This is still unclear. Either a caravan leader accepted a bribe. Or a cartographer made a map illegally.

Several caravans had recently joined forces to reach Exchange Point safely. But they were ambushed. The bandits not only managed to take prisoners, but they robbed the entire Exchange Point. Food in the climate is becoming scarce.

Salt prices have skyrocketed. The STA merchants, who largely control the salt trade, are reluctant to sell their supplies. It is not certain whether caravans will still come from Klima.

The Southern Trade Alliance (STA) has asked for help from the Gorean Merchant Association (GMA), with which it cooperates in the salt trade. Next month, a heavily armed caravan will set out to reclaim Exchange Point and make the surrounding area safe.

Until then: hoard your salt! It will be scarce and very expensive!

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